2022/23 - 1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale

Nanchizi Museum
Beijing China

29. Dezember 2022 bis 31. März 2023
(The second phase/exhibition)
Material Thinking
Metal Narrative
Threading a new look
By Lin Qi China Daily 2023-02-13

The first phase (pre-exhibition)
68 works from 40 countries and regions

June 20 to November 20, 2022

Haitian Sky Art Center, Qingdao, China

1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale

SOURCE © Contemporary Art Institute, Academy of Arts & Design
Tsinghua University/ Beijing, China

Subject Interpretation

The matter is the fundamental substance in nature; the human consciousness and mental state reflect on the material interactions. Consequently, the material is a central core of the world's structure. However, we often take this materiality for granted. In the philosophy of art, we follow today, materialism often stays in a fragmented and marginal state. In the past thirty years, theorists have understood subjectivity more radically, gradually forming an exclusive language, mainstream discourse, and even hegemonic concepts.

Along with changes in the environment, population, geography, and economy, the textual approach adopted by this cultural shift has become increasingly inadequate for an understanding of contemporary society. Therefore, we are delighted to discover that materialism has set off again in this new era. A wave of New Materialism has emerged, which allows us to re-understand material and emphasize the role of material factors in shaping society and expressing human vision.

New materialism focuses on the latest physics and biology research results, re-examines our inert understanding of matter, and gives it a dynamic, sporadic, and spiritual side. The theory of materialism investigates the impact of materiality that shapes our lives, relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. It reviews the anthropocentrism** advocated by modernity, turning into post-humanism for ecological development. In the new materialists' eyes, materialization is a complex, diverse, and relatively open process. Progress of the materialized production immersed human beings. Therefore, materiality should be given its due status and then used to intervene in the analysis and rethink social politics, such as material culture, geopolitical space, critical realism, critical international political economy, globalization, and environmentalism. The new materialism provides a philosophical vision and academic frontier support constructing contemporary material art theory and value.

We propose constructing the theoretical basis of the exhibition with the philosophical vision of materials, new materials, and new materialism. Physical materials are the most important medium for artists to create. In the context of contemporary art, the emphasis on the text and dematerialization, along with the supremacy of concepts, not only exploit and mechanize materials and the materialization process but also gradually formed a kind of artistic discourse in the context of contemporary art. Reconstruction and perception of contemporary art are based on a materialistic perspective, opening up different possibilities and looking forward to different voices, including regional and minority, such as Oriental, third-world, feminine voices, marginalized by mainstream art discourse during the last decades. The "new" materials include lately added, or with the development of science and technology discovered materials; besides that, the "new" title refers to re-understanding materials in unique ways and perspectives. This new perception reflects the relationship between the use of materials and modern human life and explores the connection between human beings and the world through materials in the Internet age.

Material thinking is the fundamental concept of the exhibition; this concept reflects the subjectivity and initiative of materials and aspirations to introduce qualitative research into the exploration of contemporary material art. Our primary intention in creating this academic platform is to concentrate on the materials, re-emphasize the power of the material, and ideate the transformation process from materials to artistic media. Over the materials exploration process, gradually unfold different dimensions of history, life, and society and reconstruct new horizons of contemporary art. We believe that the essential purpose of the material art exhibition is to build a comprehensive academic platform and create a strong network with artists and scholars worldwide through the aspiration and love for material art.

© Contemporary Art Institute, Academy of Arts & Design
Tsinghua University/ Beijing, China
Haitian Sky Art Center, Qingdao, China

Tsinghua University,
Beijing, China
Contemporary Art Institute,
Academy of Arts & Design,
Tsinghua University
Academic Support
Tsinghua Art
International Material Art Study

Academic Advisory Committee
Wang Jiazeng
Bai Ming
Wu Hongliang
Zhang Zikang
Shang Gang
Shang Hui
Lin Lecheng
Chen Qi
Hu Wei
Gu Liming
Xie Xiaoquan
Lu Xiaobo
Dong Shubing
Monique Lehman
Carmen Imbach Rigos
Curating Team
Prof. Peng Gang General Director
Prof. Zhang Gan Chief Curator
Prof. Ma Sai Academic Host
Dr. Kelly Liang Executive curator
Assoc.Prof. Jovita Sakalauskaite Executive curator

MATERIAL THINKING 1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale

The Full Documentary of the 1st Material Thinking Biennale in Tsingtao and Beijing, China

Participating Artists in the first exhibition of the Biennale

阿尔瓦罗·迭戈·戈麦斯·坎普萨诺 Alvaro Diego Gomez Campuzano(哥伦比亚 Colombia)|阿尔维斯·迪亚斯Alves Dias(葡萄牙 Portugal)| 埃尔克·曼克Elke Mank(德国 Germany)| 艾迪·伯纳德 Aïdée Bernard(法国 France)| 艾斯特·博尔内米萨 Eszter Bornemisza(匈牙利 Hungary)| 安娜·约瓦诺夫斯卡 Ana Jovanovska(马其顿 Macedonia)| 巴图 Batu(中国 China)| 贝尼格娜·瓦拉·卡德兹·韦拉斯韦兹Benigna Wara Cardozp Velaswuez(玻利维亚 Bolivia)| 贝巴·奥西特 Baiba Osite(拉脱维亚 Latvia)| 布里吉·阿玛尔 Brigitte Amarger(法国 France)| 蔡陈林 Cai Chenlin(中国 China)| 达尼特·梅尔曼·夏克 Danit Melman Shaked(以色列 Israel)| 丹妮丝·布兰查德 Denise Blanchard(智利 Chile)| 董洋洋、韩妤 DongYang-Yang、Han Yu(中国 China)| 弗雷迪·科洛 Freddy Coello(厄瓜多尔 Ecuador)| 付钰涵 Fu Yuhan(中国 China)| 郭振宇 Guo Zhenyu(中国 China)| 海伦·查赫 Helene Tschacher(德国 Germany)| 侯吉明 Hou Jiming(中国 China)| 合艺术小组 He Art Group(中国 China)| 卡捷琳娜·博罗达夫琴科 Katerina Borodavchenko(俄罗斯 Russia)| 凯蒂·泰勒 Katie Taylor(英国 UK)| 坎·萨鲁穆·卡霍亚 Khen Salumu Kahoya(刚果-金 DR Congo)| 克塞尼娅·申科夫斯卡娃 Ksenia Shinkovskaya(拉脱维亚 Latvia)| 雷涛 Lei Tao(中国 China)| 李薇 Li Wei(中国 China)| 李博超 Li Bochao(中国 China)| 李海斌 Li Haibin(中国 China)| 李洪波 Li Hongbo(中国 China)| 利利特·斯捷潘尼亚 Lilit Stepanyan(亚美尼亚 Armenia)| 莉莉安娜·罗斯柴尔德 Liliana Rothschild(阿根廷 Argentina)| 林岗 Lin Gang(中国 China)| 林乐成 Lin Lecheng(中国 China)| 马丽贝尔·波特拉 Maribel Portela(墨西哥 Mexico)| 玛丽·克莱因 Mali Klein(荷兰 Netherlands)| 玛丽亚·奥特加·加尔韦斯 Maria Ortega Galvez(西班牙 Spain)| 玛丽亚·欧亨尼娅·莫亚 Maria Eugenia Moya(秘鲁 Peru)| 玛丽亚·托兰德尔 Maria Torrendell(乌拉圭 Uruguay)| 莫妮卡·莱曼Monique Lehman(波兰/美国 Poland/USA)| 娜拉·吉琼 Nara Guichon(巴西 Brazil)| 尼科·卡帕 Niko Kapa(希腊 Greece)| 帕维尔·基乌比安斯基 Paweł Kiełpiński(波兰 Poland)| 乔·汉密尔顿 Jo Hamilton(英国/美国 UK/USA)| 琼·舒尔茨 Joan Schulze(美国 USA)| 塞菲·加尔 Sefi Gal(以色列 Israel)| 宋春阳 Song Chunyang(中国 China)| 孙继巍 Sun Jiwei(中国 China)| 孙月 Sun Yue(中国 China)| 谭勋 Tan Xun (中国 China)| 缇娜·斯特拉瑟斯 Tina Struthers(加拿大 Canada)| 瓦达·纳伊姆·布哈里 Wardah Naeem Bukhari(巴基斯坦 Pakistan)| 王忠民 Wang Zhongmin(中国 China)| 乌苏拉·盖伯·森格 Ursula Gerber Senger(瑞士 Switzerland)| 吴九沫 Wu Jiumo(中国 China)| 徐小鼎 Xu Xiaoding(中国 China)| 夏洛特·厄斯特加德 Charlotte Østergaard(丹麦 Denmark)| 亚内·佩尔托坎加斯 Janne Peltokangas(芬兰 Finland)| 亚努什·库查尔斯基 Janusz Kucharski(波兰 Poland)| 杨洋 Yang Yang(中国 China)| 伊娃·克鲁米 Ieva Krūmiņa(拉脱维亚 Latvia)| 伊维塔·托马诺娃 Iveta Tomanová(斯洛伐克 Slovakia)| 尤维塔·撒克朗斯凯特 Jovita Sakalauskaite(土耳其/立陶宛 Turkey/Lithuania)| 余慧娟 Yu Huijuan(中国 China)| 原博 Yuan Bo(中国 China)| 珍妮·德·雷梅克 Jeannine De Raeymaecker(比利时 Belgium)| 周小瓯(中国 China)