2012 - ANGELS Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery, Kėdainiai, Lithuania

International Christmas Exhibition

Opening reception: Friday, December 14, 2012, 5:00 pm,
at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery, Kėdainiai, Lithuania
Closing date: February 2, 2013

Christmas is a wonderful time of a year transfused with mysterious mood, sincere love, well-wishing attention to those close to you, the words of gratitude and a warm family feeling. It is said that white beautiful angels who protect us every day visit us at the night of Christmas. These are bodiless and immortal spiritual beings that may take a human-form, come to the world of people and act here.

For a long time the theme of angels has been intriguing theologians, artists, writers and all those interested in and feeling that the spiritual world is very close to our material one, that some kind of force constantly protects us and whispers the right decisions, fights together with us in our struggles, strengthens us during weak moments and rejoices together.

Already in 2009 the founder of the Museum Janina Monkute-Marks (1923 – 2010) had the idea to organize the biggest exhibition of angels characterized by an extreme variety in Lithuania. After long years of work and with the help of international contacts the exhibition has expanded. Eighty seven works by as much as fifty two artists from 12 countries – England, Estonia, Italy, the U.S., Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Finland, France, Switzerland – have been carefully selected. Artists were invited to present works on the theme of angels created using the unlimited means of expression. The importance of the quality work and conceptual approach to the topic was emphasized.

Visitors of the Exhibition are presented to a wide range of the works of art created using a variety of techniques. Textile, ceramic, painting works of art are exhibited; there are also a number of works created by mixed and copyright techniques, installations, as well as copyright puppets. The theme of angels has united the artists of different ages; as a result the Exhibition provides you with opportunity to see the creativity of senior and younger generations. Some of the works were created earlier, others – exclusively for this Exhibition. Each artist interprets the theme of the Exhibition in different ways. Sometimes similar, but more often – different – attitudes of the authors, as well as the imagining of angels, are reflected in their works.

During the festive period – until February 2 – the Exhibition will provide the visitors of the Gallery with lots of joy, beauty and warm feelings.

The Curator of the Exhibition Asta Fedaravičiūtė-Jasiūnė


Rasa And (Lithuania), Maja Andrey (Switzerland), Danas Andriulionis (Lithuania), Antra Augustinoviča (Latvia), Arūnas Augutis (Lithuania), Aija Baumane (Latvia), Birutė Bernotienė-Vall (Lithuania), Irena Biechonska (Estonia), Jerzy Biechonski (Estonia), Danielle Boisselier (France), Susan Bowman (England), Egidija Brinkytė (Lithuania), Mariel Clarmont (France), Nerijus Daraškevičius (Lithuania), Saulius Dastikas (Lithuania), Auksė Draugelienė (Lithuania), Yolaine Frühauf (Switzerland), Ursula Gerber (Switzerland), Vilma Goriunovienė (Lithuania), Rita Grigauskienė (Lithuania), Daiva Gutparakienė (Lithuania), Cathrine Hansen (Norway), Danuta Haremska (Norway), Danguolė Jokubaitienė (Lithuania), Osvaldas Juška (Lithuania), Algis Kasparavičius (Lithuania), Deima Katinaitė (Lithuania), Helena Kauttonen (Finland), Vilma Kiltinavičienė (Lithuania), Jūratė Kirtiklytė (Lithuania), Laimutė Kozlovienė (Lithuania), Sigita Kremkaitė (Lithuania), Liucija Kudžmienė (Lithuania), Lina Macijauskienė (Lithuania), Marina Majcen (Italy), Giedrius Mazuras (Lithuania), Živilė Muraškienė (Lithuania), Liz Nagys (USA), Rodrigo Negreira (USA), Patricyan (France), Kristina Paulauskaitė (Lithuania), Jūratė  Petruškevičienė (Lithuania), Aurika Piliponienė (Lithuania), Zoe Vida Porumb (Romania), Audronė Rudienė (Lithuania), Birutė Sarapienė (Lithuania), Giedrė Seniūnienė (Lithuania), Yokako Sorai (Japan), Artūras Stančikas (Lithuania), Lukrecija Šidlauskienė (Lithuania), Gintarė Vaivadaitė (Lithuania), Gertrūda Žiliūtė  (Lithuania)