2012 - Small Size Works Fiber Art from Asia and Europe

Janina Monkute - Marks Museum Kedainiai Lithuania

Ausstellung vom 13. April bis 15. Juni 2012

Janina Monkute - Marks Museum Kedainiai Lithuania

Jurierte Gruppenausstellung


An international exhibition has a great significance. The participants from different regions and different cultures give a major interest in the exhibition. The environment, life philosophy, as well as other factors, forms the background for the artists’ work. This fact is reflected in each artwork. It is very interesting for the visitors to feel this.

We want to give the visitors a wide vision of the FIBER ART. The artists used a number of different fibers: textiles, paper, wire, plastics or materials of animal origin. The artists employed not only traditional, but also contemporary or copyright techniques. The diversity and sobriety of the works reveals the importance of techniques in the realization of a work. We wish to show that it is possible to realize an artwork by a single technique with a help of a lot of creativity. We want to impress our visitors by the simplicity of the works.

Submerging the creations in a multitude of colours, not necessarily by the chosen theme, attracts the glance of a visitor. Adding the ornamental and useless elements makes the works less readable and through the realization destroys the initial emotion of a visitor.
The majority of the works belong to what Erny Piret describes as “THE ART OF THE ESSENTIAL”. The artist expresses themselves soberly by only “one” technique in the implacable logic, and the selected materials underline this logic.

We have decided to present the works which have the dimensions rarely used in the European exhibition of small works. These 50x50x50 cm dimensions are more common in Asian countries. The chosen three dimensions provide the artists with a greater possibility to express their talents. The proposed formula also allows the compositions of three works. A visitor is immersed in the world of an artist.

Kakuko Ishii and Erny Piret: exhibition curators